How to install windows7 vps

How to install windows7 vps

Windows7 VPS Remote Desktop

How to install Windows7 VPS

I always wanted one working windows7 cheap vps, because offered windows versions by major vps providers is web oriented or not offering windows,and remote desktop not working fastenough i did this tutorial to help you to create your own windows7 vps. For this tutorial you need to create account on Vultr because they offer Custom ISO support, and is very easy to use and cheap too. I used lowest vps available 768RAM/1CPU and windows running fine.
Update: Check Vultr 50$ Free)

1) Create your Vultr account or use yours on other providers if they supports custom iso and using (KVM) virtualization.

For creating new VULTR account go here create new account, you need to deposit minimum 5$ and they offer you another 5$ free promotion and if you share on twitter vultr site you will get another 2$. ( 5$ for total 12$ , is good enough, no?

2) Building your VirtIO Windows7 Image

Something to know:
** ASK your provider about installing non-server versions like Vista/7 if is allowed **
Because windows7 does not recognize hard drive and network of KVM virtualization system you need to put virtio drivers in your windows7 iso image.
Please dont use pirated windows versions because they report you and your VPS will be suspended on all major VPS providers, so you need to use an original windows image for this and if you dont have one legal serial for this use just trial versions.
I already created one windows7 + virtio drivers from original iso mirror from microsoft site but i dont know if is legal to modify/host it and share with you.
Windows7 Virtio
I recommend you to build new one but if you want to check my windows7 iso use: win7_ulti_virtio64.isoWindows 7 VirtIO 64bit ( If something is wrong with posting modified windows 7 please contact me and i will remove fast. )

Windows7 VirtIO building process: (I used windows machine to create new ISO file, for extracting iso files you can use WinRAR)
1) Download original ISO image from ( image used by me for Windows7 Ultimate 64BIT is en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso )
2) Download VirtIO Drivers from
3) Extract windows iso file to c:\newbuild and create new directory in c:\newbuild named “virtio”, now extract virtio-win iso to c:\newbuild\virtio.
4) Creation of windows7 bootable iso from directory:
1) Go to ImgBurn download and install
2) After you installed ImgBurn , run it and click on “Create image file from files/folders” section.
3) In source input of ImgBurn put: ‘c:\newbuild
4) Go in menu Advanced > Bootable Disc and use this configuration:
Select ‘Make image bootable
Emulation Type: ‘None (Custom)’
Platform ID: ’80×86′
Sectors to load: 8 ( 8 is used for my recommanded ISO and windows version but you can check correct value by checking size of , if file size is 2K
correct value is 4 , and for 4K correct value is 8)
Boot Image: ( can be founded on c:\newbuild\Boot\ )
If something goes wrong you can check this tutorial, contains images of working Imgburn process and can be more easy.

3) Using Windows7 VirtIO on Vultr

In the same way as OpenBSD VPS Tutorial you need to upload ISO image somewhere and add to your ISOs library on vultr/other account.( if your installation process not start at first try, wait 2-3minutes and restart your VPS )
1) Installing VirtIO drivers for hard drive:
You cant see vps hard drive to install windows whitout installing this driver.
Select Load Driver:

Windows7 VirtIO: Select Load Driver
Windows7 VirtIO: Select Load Driver

Select “Browse” and select driver from your cd installation:

Select VirtIO HardDrive Driver
Select VirtIO HardDrive Driver

Select “Red Hat VirtIO SCSI controller” and Next:

Select VirtIO Driver
Select VirtIO Driver

Now you can continue your installation normaly!

4) Installing VirtIO Network Drivers on Windows7

Now your VPS have windows7 installed, but network still not working.
You need to go in Control Panel > Devices Manager > Ethernet Controller > Update Driver > Browser my computer for driver software , and browse for driver on CD same as hard drive step/same driver location.

Windows7 VirtIO Network Driver Success
Windows7 VirtIO Network Driver Success

After this you have working internet access on your windows7 vps.

5) Enable Remote Desktop on your Windows7 VPS

For remote desktop go in Control Panel > System > Remote settings and select “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop”

Thank you for reading this, if you need some help just comment!

Update: Windows7 VirtIO ISO Mirrors

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  2. I only found out about this now! Wish I had in 2014 already. Not only does your tutorial rock, having the premade ISOs all the better! Thank you sooooo much. Goodbye Kimsufi and onto Vultr!

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