Best DigitalOcean Alternative

Best DigitalOcean Alternative

DigitalOcean Alternative

The best alternative for DigitalOcean is VULTR because they have a lot of extra features and better services.
VULTR is not as high DigitalOcean, but they are bigger and growing with 500.000+ active servers (at end of 2014), the service is created by 15years old experienced team which created Choopa too.

UPDATE July 2015: Use 50$ for free on vultr! You can check this article for more informations about this promotion.


Reasons for using VULTR against DO

More locations ( 14 vs 6 )

VULTR have servers in Miami VPS, Chicago VPS, New York VPS, DallasVPS, Seattle VPS, Atlanta VPS, Los Angeles VPS ,Silicon Valley VPS, Sydney VPS, Tokyo VPS,Amsterdam VPS, London VPS, Paris VPS and Frankfurt VPS.
So at this time (2015) count 14 locations worldwide including Europe,Asia,Australia and USA and in comparasion with DigitalOcean which have only 6 locations.

More memory RAM ( +25% at same price )

Performance series from vultr have 768MB RAM/1CPU (lowend package) in comparasion with do which have 512RAM/1CPU at same price.
Another example is 2GB RAM/2CPU where price is higher, more expensive with 5$. 15$ vultr VS 20$ do

Advantage to install your custom os on vps

Possibility to install and configure your custom os should not miss, and vultr offers you this possibility.
You can upload two images with your prefered OS and install on any server type available on any location. Windows ISO is supported too if have virtio drivers and if not you need to visit this.

Licensed windows

A lot of people using vultr because support licensed windows 2012 r2 with prices starting from 23$/m. This basic thing missing from do.

VPS Dedicated for Storage

This missing from all major vps providers, now you can get storage vps only from vultr with prices starting from 5$ for 125GB storage, that’s very nice!

Vultr accepts Bitcoin payment

We love new technologies! Now you can pay your vps billing with bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Vultr VS other competitors


Testing performed using ServerBear on a newly launched instance at each provider

UPDATE VULTR June 2015: You can rent 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server. (VDC)

UPDATE VULTR September 2015: DDoS Protection for $0.015/hr.

My conclusion

I migrated from DO and everything works fine with new vultr provider.
Support team are very responsive and everything works fine, additionally all above reasons.
If you want to check one of available servers for a trial time before buying your please comment. Please comment about your experience with vultr too! Check this VPS Affiliate Program!


Thanks for reading this!

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    1. Hello LordM, prices not changing by location. Single thing when price change is if you use Windows2012 R2 Licensed.

  1. design is not very atractive but all other reasons mentinoned by article are true! thanks for suggestion

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