Free VPS for 60 days and 50$ free credit

Free VPS for 60 days and 50$ free credit

Free VPS for 60 days and 50$ credit

About Free VPS Promotion



$50 in credit to launch instances and one click applications on the Vultr Cloud.
Our free trial gives you full access to Vultr to launch instances around the globe and test drive our platform.
The free vps trial is available to anyone new to the Vultr cloud. (existing customers are not eligible)
Trial is absolutely free. We do verify your account with a small pre-authorization charge to your credit card but this will disappear from your statement within a short amount of time.
For this promotion you need to confirm your credit card informations , if you want vps promotion available with paypal/bitcoin VULTR VPS Promo 7$


ย What happens when the trial is over?

You will receive an email a week before the end of your trial. You may then destroy your instances (we hope you stick around). If you do nothing, the card you signed up with will be used to pay for services going forward.

Can I cancel my trial at any time?

You may cancel your account and purge your data at any time by opening a support ticket in our Panel. Before Vultr destroys your instances (and your data) a specialist will ask you to confirm once more and your data will be removed.

How do I remove the limitations?

If you need more processing power or instances you may upgrade to a full account at anytime in your panel.

Update 2016: Promotion is still available in 2016

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