How to install Windows 10 VPS

How to install Windows 10 VPS

How to install Windows 10 VPS

Windows 10 VPS

Before begin you need a windows machine to build virtio windows 10 image, or just using image created by me.
This tutorial have two parts,Β first one for who understand better and second with images and better explanation.
If you need a VPS provider where you can run this image you need one which supports Custom ISO files larger than 4GB. I tested this image on Vultr (768MB 5$), you can create a account for free and get 50$ free for 60days.

My Windows10 VirtIO ISO Image

ISO Image was downloaded from (International English) and i added virtio drivers, i tested “PRO” version and works fine.
Download my Windows 10 + VirtIO: win10virtio.iso
I recommend you to build new Windows iso image , if is something wrong with shareing here my image please contact me and i delete it.

Part One (Fast Build)

Download a windows iso from ( Update: You can use image on Workstation too. VirtIO is not needed. )

Download virtio drivers fromΒ ( for more informations
Use virtio/viostor/w8.1/amd64/ virtio drivers which is compatibile with Windows10.


Part Two (Build and Install Windows10 with Virtio)

1) Download Windows ISO and VirtIO drivers from “Part One”
Download and install ImgBurn from

2) Extract ISO Images for new build ( you can use WinRAR for easy extraction )
Extract Windows 10 ISO to c:\win10
Extract VirtIO ISO to c:\win10\virtio

Your c:\win10 looks like this
Your c:\win10 looks like this

3) Run ImgBurn and select “Create image file from files/folders” (Administrator mode)
– Go in Advanced/Bootable Disk and select “Make Image Bootable”
– Select source c:\win10
– Emulation Type: None/Custom
– BootImage: c:\win10\boot\
– Platform ID: 80×86
– Sector to load 8 (If file size of is 2K correct value is 4, and for 4K correct value is 8.)
+ Build!
After this you will have a new iso image with virtio drivers embeded.

4) Running new image
If you not have VPS Provider which supports Custom ISO , check this tutorial to add image on vultr account.

5) Load Windows 10 VPS VirtIO Driver for Harddisk

> Select “Load Driver”
> Select from CD-ROM/virtio this PATH


After this Windows 10 can see your disk and you can continue your normal installation.


6) Windows 10 VPS VirtIO Network
After your machine is installed and running go in Device Manager and “Update Driver” of Ethernet, here you need to browse your cd and select “virtio/NetKVM/w8.1/amd64” same as harddisk example.


Before using Windows 10 on Virtual Machine ask your provider about licesing and if they allow you to run this ISO,
m$ have specific windows versions for servers and they not allow to use “Desktop” editions on virtual env.

Thanks for reading this, write in comments if you need help! Have fun with your Windows 10 VPS! πŸ™‚

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  1. With your VPS built the first step consists of configuring the VPS to ready it for the use of SharePoint. During this step, I am trying to add the role of web server for the VPS.

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