Alternative for DigitalOcean,Amazon S3/EC2, Linode and OVH

Alternative for DigitalOcean,Amazon S3/EC2, Linode and OVH

Alternative for DigitalOcean,Amazon S3/EC2, Linode and OVH still available in 2016 with powerful features and we at low prices. Yes! Is about VULTR. In 2016 VULTR implemented DDOS Protection/IP Space/IP Reservation/Multi-User/Dedicated Cloud/UI Upgrades and many more.

$50 Free VPS

Reasons of using Vultr against major providers

Locations ( 14 Locations around the world )

Vultr Server Locations

Europe VPS Locations: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London
America VPS Locations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Dallas
Australia VPS Locations: Sydney
Asia VPS Locations: Tokyo

Virtual server packages and prices

They have three types of servers, Compute Instance, Storage Instance and Dedicated Instance.
Compute Instance price starting from $5/mo for 1 Processor, 768MB Memory, 15GB SSD and 1000GB Bandwidth.
Storage Instance price starting from $5/mo for 1 Processor, 512MB Memory, 125GB SATA and 1000GB Bandwidth.
Dedicated Instance price starting from $60/mo for 2 Processors, 8192MB Memory, 120GB Dedicated Storage and 10000GB Bandwidth.


They use KVM for virtualization and have templates for CentOS 5/6/7, CoreOS, Debian 7/8, FreeBSD 10, Ubuntu 12/14/15/16 and Windows 2012 R2. You can use Custom ISO to install any OS you want using your own ISO file. Is possible to use pre-installed applications like: cPanel, WordPress , Docker, OpenVPN and much more.

Safeguard Against DDOS

This feature adds a layer of security against distributed denial of service attacks targeting your cloud applications. Price for ddos protection for only $10/mo.

Other features

Other nice features of VULTR: Block Storage, Backup, SnapShots, Reserved IP, great affiliate program and much more!


I migrated from DigitalOcean/AWS and Linode a year ago and used just VULTR services for everything. After one year the only one problem was when VENOM Vulnerability which caused one reboot for upgrading system. You can try $50 Free Trial from VULTR,I’m sure you will be pleased for long time! Please comment or contact me if you need help with something, i can provide demo machine from VULTR before you buy for yourself

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